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Get Inspired in Your Home Office with These 10 Ideas

by Max Dichter

October 7th, 2019

#1 — Choose “A Room with a View”

Not the book or movie, though. Try to choose a room in the house that has a view. Then, you can take a break and saunter over to the window to get inspired. When you don’t have a room with a view, create one with a flat panel monitor tuned to an aquarium view or choose something else to relax you.

#2 — No Space? Create a Nook

When you’re working with limited space, creating a nook with your bed over the desk like a bunk bed could be optimal. Bed nooks are not just for kids anymore.

You can also create a convertible space that goes from bedroom to home office by merely folding the bed up into the wall. You can then pull up your convertible standup desk and monitor. 

Likewise, when you have a guest room, you can use convertible desks and furnishings to switch from one to the other without having to sacrifice a guest room for a home office. You’ll have the best of both worlds.     

#3 — Choose Your Preferred Paint Pigment

Don't accept a boring beige or some other color because a designer or "expert" tells you that color is the newest “thing” for home offices. The only way you will get inspired and get work done is if the color of your office inspires YOU!

Keep in mind that this is where you will spend a great deal of your day. If it's uninteresting, you will become uninterested and want to wander off or worse, doze off.

#4 — Make Better Use of Wall Space

This concept might be a step many will find helpful to organize the space they have. Better use of wall space while creating a workspace will free up floor space you might need for your desk, chair, or filing cabinet.

Alternatively, it might do away with the need for a floor filing cabinet or desk. Using wall space to create a standup desk is not only functional and space-saving, but it could also be lifesaving as well.

Heed your doctor's advice about getting out of your chair by not using one, or not using one as often. A standing desk will allow better blood circulation and help you maintain motion. Consider a convertible desk that usually range from $269 - $1,200. Make what seems like additional space in your office by getting vertical. 

#5 — Organization Is the Key

When you don't have much space, organizing everything could be the key to functionality. You could conceivably create a functional home office in an area the size of a closet or the corner of your dining room if you go vertical. A small desk, with a wall-mounted monitor, and shelves over it is all you need, especially when you use a convertible desk. Hanging baskets or floating shelves work well too.

#6 — Choose a Comfortable, Durable Executive Chair

More and more ideas for executive chairs are coming on the market like those with USB massage options. However, take care to buy a functional chair that will last. Choosing a comfortable office chair is imperative when you spend hours at your desk. Choose a chair that is pleasing and supportive.

#7 — Create a Shelf for Client Binders

If you have many clients, use a binder for everything that pertains to each client, invoices, presentation, contracts, and others. Then, place them on a shelf alphabetically so that if you get in a hurry, you can just grab the binder and go.

You could also have a shelf for personal family medical or financial binders.

Get Comfortable and Get More Done

Whatever your line of work, you can get the most out of the space you have if you plan. We hope these ideas inspire you to create a home office that will maximize your space and motivate you to be more creative.


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