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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the services priced?

As fairly and economically as possible. We’ve worked closely with home-service professionals to determine how long various jobs take and what kinds of materials are required to complete them.

Our mission is to reduce the markup associated with these services and give consumers more choices about how to get the work done.

How are you so much cheaper than traditional home service options?

We work directly with individual Pros to cut out the middleman and reduce the high overhead costs traditionally associated with home services and repairs.

Upon joining our network, these carefully screened Pros can easily be dispatched to fix whatever our customers need help with.

Will I be charged any diagnostic fees?

A diagnostic fee will only be charged if the Pro needs to take out their tools and perform work in order to identify your problem. (Don’t worry: you’ll be asked for your consent before any such diagnostic work begins.)

If you choose to complete the actual work with the pro, the diagnostic fee will be credited back to you.

Are diagnostic fees deducted from the total cost of the job?

Yes. If you choose to complete the work with the Pro, the diagnostic fee will be credited back to you.

When should I expect to pay a trip charge?

A trip charge will never be applied without first telling you in advance.  

What happens if I think the pro's estimate is to high?

If you think the Pro's estimate is too high, please let us know. We work hard to keep the prices fair and competitive. We’ll be happy to explain how we arrived at your estimate.

How much will it cost to complete my job?

Please visit the price list or ask one of our customer service agents for pricing specifics. We strive to provide up-front, consistent pricing for all your service needs. However, there are instances in which a Pro will need to visit your home in order to provide a customized estimate.

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