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Drought Hack: Lawn Painting

Drought Hack: Lawn Painting

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Los Angeles Drought Facts, Photos, and More

Learn more about the drought and what you can do to conserve water. Below, you can see how the historic drought has changed the landscape, altered our water habits, and how it will affect the future of California.
What do Angelenos Think
of the Drought

While the Sherman Oaks Galleria fountain burbled in the background, we asked local residents what they they think about the drought.

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How much water would it take to get LA out of the drought?

The answer is an astounding 11 trillion gallons! That is the equivalent of filling the Hollywood Reservoir up 12,405 times!

How Long Can It Last?

Although the drought is changing the California landscape, it will not be the apocalypse that some predict. Climate experts believe that snow-less mountains will become the norm and forests will change to shrub and grassland, instead of an uninhabitable desert. What might the foreground of Downtown Los Angeles look like?

California Drought
Where is the Drought Worst?

See the drought's progression in California through the years.

Paint your Brown Lawn Green!

Tired of looking at that brown lawn? These guys will come and paint it green.

Should we offer this as a service?
The Drought: Before and After

The drought, in just four years, has turned robust lakes and reservoirs into dusty landscapes.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought conditions are tough on everyone, especially our lawns. Although we must be responsible when it comes to lawn care, there are measures you can take to keep your lawn healthy when water shortages hit.

Extreme Drought

California will adapt to the drought to be sure, but here's a look at how Hollywood might change if the drought continues at its current severity.

Top 10 Drought Tips
Los Angeles Drought Evaluation

Single-Family Smart Landscape Evaluations

A Smart Landscape Evaluation is a free service designed to assist customers with the identification of indoor and outdoor water savings opportunities. Participants can expect to have technicians review indoor fictures and evaluate the performance of the site's irrigation system. At the end, the participant will receive a list of recommendations and proposed watering schedule. To enroll in this program, call (866) 883-1332.