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Calabasas Remove & Unclog Toilet $99


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Customer's Name
Robin K.
Calabasas, CA
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Calabasas, CA
Serviz is what I have long waited for in the home repair segment, finally a service that guarantees the work, cost and timing. I had a complicated plumbing problem for which I contacted multiple vendors for bids. The Serviz tech provided the most efficient solution at the lowest cost. The work was done effectively, in budget and on time. I highly recommend Serviz.
Unclog Toilet with Toilet Removal
  • Pro labor to remove & unclog an accessible toilet drain line by power snake
  • Simple reinstallation of removed toilet including new wax ring
Toilet Repair
  • Pro labor to repair toilet
  • Replacement of basic parts such as wax ring, ballcock, lift chain, flapper and fill valve
Total Price
Total Price
*excluding local applicable taxes
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