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San Diego Home Safety Ranking

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Our Study Methodology

After helping our customers complete hundreds of thousands of home improvement jobs across the country—from carpet cleaning and plumbing to appliance repair, electrical services, and more—we created the SERVIZ Home Safety Ranking Index. What we have learned over the years is that customers, more than anything, want to ensure they maintain a healthy and safe home. Home safety is not just about adding an alarm system or having smoke detectors; it is also about keeping your home well maintained.

Homeowners increasingly want to keep up with their home maintenance to reduce the risk of fires, floods, earthquake damage, and even break-ins. The independent professionals in the SERVIZ network have helped thousands of customers reduce fire risks in their homes by replacing dirty vents and identifying improperly installed electrical switches and outlets. They have also reduced flood and earthquake risks by inspecting and repairing broken water pipes, sewer mains, and making sure water heaters are earthquake strapped and have properly installed overflow vents.

Consumers are also rightly concerned about who is coming inside their home. With that in mind, we created our Home Safety Ranking index to help all homeowners understand how their city and state ranks for home safety.

Our methodology was as follows: We sent a survey to 65,000 of our customers asking them how safe they feel in their homes, how they protect their homes, and what are their biggest safety concerns in their homes and neighborhoods. We took our survey responses and used the U.S. Census data that ranks each city on a crime index of 1-100 (100 being the safest). The two data points were then combined to determine our own proprietary safety grade for each city.

Our Home Safety Ranking Index includes actual survey results, quotes from our customers, and the percentage of professionals who sought to join our network that have failed our background check.

We understand how important it is to trust someone who is working to make your home safer. This is why our standards for accepting professionals into our network are high. Since 2015, we have rejected over 15% of professionals seeking to join the SERVIZ network.

We hope that by providing this level of detail for each city we serve we are helping communities better understand how they can keep their homes, families, and friends safe.

Our San Diego Home Safety Ranking is a result of our proprietary data collected over the last 5 years serving over 200 thousand customers, and 300 thousand home improvement jobs, and other publicly available sources.
San Diego Population:
San Diego
Crime Index
(100 is safest)
San Diego
Annual Crimes
San Diego
is Safer Than
of U.S Cities
Your Chance of Becoming a Victim of a Crime
In San Diego
In California
In U.S.
How San Diego Residents Protect Their Homes
Alarm System
Neighborhood watch program
San Diego Property Crimes
Home Break Ins
3.7 per 1,000 residents
Property Theft
14.2 per 1,000 residents
Background Check Fail Rate
Home Repair Pros we checked FAILED a criminal background check
Fire, Earthquake, Flood
How San Diego Residents Prepare For Threats to Their Homes
Install CO2 Smoke Alarms
Fire Proof Windows
Vent Cleaning (Fire Prevent)
Flood Preparation
In San Diego, residents do these types of jobs to ensure their homes are safe from the above threats
Did You Know?
California average Flood restoration cost is:
Number of annual deaths by Fire in California:
What are the People of San Diego Biggest Safety Concerns?
Earthquake / Flood
What Do Locals think?
What do the residents of California have to say about home safety?
I live in a building with a doorman so I feel fairly secure. My biggest concern are the mentally ill that walk around the neighborhood, some with severe schizophrenia. Mostly they are not a threat but sometimes they act out and throw garbage cans, shout, etc. And I'm mostly concerned that other people in the building will bring some element in with them that might endanger the rest of the tenants. We had someone get shot in the hallway over a drug deal and it was someone that came in with the tenant who was shot. An isolated case, but when you live among people you don't know, you can't be sure what environments they have around them.
Robert F.
As a small building apartment dweller fire isn't as much of a concern and floods are not an issue where I live. Living on a major Los Angeles, CA street my biggest concerns are crime safety as many people pass by my home daily so break-in robbery is more of a concern than anything else. Earthquakes are a likely part of life in California and I don't live on a hillside or in a building of questionable stability so that doesn't factor into my perception of safety in my home.
Marisa S.
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Recent San Diego Reviews
Marilyn P.
San Diego, CA
“Alberto was terrific. We only needed one large stain removed from our couch. The stain was chocolate milk and had been there for more than 10 years. We thought the couch was a goner. Alberto assessed the stain, brought in the equipment to clean it and in less than half an hour our couch looked like new. Thumbs up to Alberto!”
Sharon S.
San Diego, CA
“Jonathan explained everything as he went along. Ice maker is working beautifully.”
Dale S.
San Diego, CA
“They were quick to respond, did a good job, and had a smaller minimum charge than the others I compared then to. I would use them again.”
Carlos R.
San Diego, CA
“AWESOME cleaning. Windows looked brand new and the pressure washing brought the paint back to new look! Recommended!”
Kevin C.
San Diego, CA
“My SERVIZ experience with Miguel was excellent. Definitely 5 Stars. The work was reasonably priced, Miguel arrived on team and was friendly and very knowledgeable. And the work looks great! Thank you.”
Robert S.
San Diego, CA
“He arrived on time slot provided, and was very good. He also cleaned up very good too, which to us was great.”
Gretchen G.
San Diego, CA
“Jerry and his assistant arrived on time and finished the work in the time estimated. They did an outstanding job on the painting, were courteous and professional. We couldn't be happier with the experience!”
Pamela B.
San Diego, CA
Lawrence M.
San Diego, CA
“He was so friendly and more importantly, I was immediately at ease with the experience and knowledge he had in fixing our refrigerator. He took his time to check every aspect of the fridge to ensure that he was resolving our issue. I highly reccommend him!”
Sheryl S.
San Diego, CA
“The technician did a great job. Little bit of a language barrier, but he got my vent cleaned out and I am happy. Thank you so much. Sheryl”
Arthur G.
San Diego, CA
Ginger D.
San Diego, CA
“John was great. Friendly, professional, thorough and came prepared. Explained things along the way and have me some tips to prevent future issues. Thanks!”
San Diego, CA
“The plumber was very polite and professional. The charge was as described and everything is working fine.”
Kanika M.
San Diego, CA
“Vic came even though his previous job ran longer. He quickly did the job and efficiently”
Zev F.
San Diego, CA
“David did a great job on a toilet repair that ended up being more complex than we thought. What started out as a replacement of the intake valve progressed to a complete replacement of both stem valves inside the water tank. David made two runs to the local hardware stores and completed the job.”
Marissa B.
San Diego, CA
“Your service was amazing I'm very happy with my experience. I will definitely be referring your company”
Mike L.
San Diego, CA
“Michael called before coming, was on time, courteous and well-spoken, and cleaned up perfectly. He went beyond what I expected by manipulating his rooter device tip at a right angle to snake it into a clogged gutter downspout, thereby opening an obstruction that could not otherwise be reached. If you have more service professional like Michael, Serviz will always be a success story. ”
Lee W.
San Diego, CA
“fast, effective, helpful. arrived within the time allocated, used foot protection not to leave tracks on carpets. I asked for their card and will use this service in the future. Reasonable priced,”
Ian B.
San Diego, CA
“Great service and work by Adrian. Arrived on time, and had the job complete in no time at all. Would definitely recommend him for future work.”
Ian B.
San Diego, CA
“Vic was excellent. Explained everything in full detail and completed the work just as he said he would. I definitely recommend him to other people looking for electrical work that needs to be done.”
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